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I am not currently accepting new clients. I’ve added some resources below that might be helpful for you.

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First, I have over 100 videos on my YouTube channel (most of them meditations). You can access them here.



For private hypnotherapy sessions, I really like Suzanne Robichaud. I haven’t worked with her personally but her price is comparable to mine and her YouTube videos are very soothing:



Primal Trust Brain Training Membership $96/month

I haven’t done this myself but I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts where people have talked about it. From what I can tell, it’s brain training + tools for trauma, and it sounds a lot to me like she’s teaching people many of the tools I’ve learned in hypnotherapy. So this seems like the most comprehensive program for teaching yourself healing tools that you could also use on your own. It might be a great place to start since it’s a monthly membership.



DNRS: Dynamic Neural Retraining System $350

This is a program I’ve been doing for over a year now and it’s been really amazing. I think of it as daily self-hypnosis and I think you would see a ton of progress in so many areas of your life doing this. I like it because it’s very simple, there’s a daily practice and you know exactly what to do everyday. The Primal Trust program sounds like it will teach you a lot of tools and let you decide which ones are best for you. This program gives you one tool and that’s it. For me, that simplicity worked really well. The only downside is that it’s a daily practice for an hour, which is a big commitment for a lot of people. It’s also marketed for chronic illness but I think anyone with trauma could benefit from it.


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